Trality: a New One-Stop shop to Automate Your Trades

The cryptocurrency market is booming. More and more institutional investors and private traders are diving into the niche each day. However, no matter how diverse and impressive a portfolio of crypto coins is, many of them often end up losing money due to emotional bias or human error. This may be not that dramatic for institutions and hedge funds, which can afford and actively use complex algorithmic software for automation and minimizing the risks. But it is definitely the case for private traders and that is exactly the place where Trality steps in.

What Is Trality? 

Trality is an extremely handy tool that allows professional and beginner traders to use custom-built bots to power up their private crypto investing and trading activities. Now you don’t need to stick to crypto trading exchanges for hours and days, search for the most promising deals, track the latest news in the industry of digital coins and do trades manually. A cryptocurrency trading bot can do all this job for you! With the help of bots built on the Trality platform, you can automate your daily trading routine by letting your bot analyze dozens of different trading signals and indicators as well as trade on your behalf.

Trality’s Bot Creator Tools

The company has two different bot creator solutions suitable for traders with different skills and experience. Here is what you can choose from when picking up a tool according to your needs and expertise.

  • Rule Builder
    This easy-to-use but comprehensive interface is designed for beginners and non-coders. If you would like to benefit from using algorithmic trading, this solution is just what you might need. A handy drag-and-drop builder allows traders with any skills and experience to choose different templates, strategies and indicators from an advanced Trality library in a blink of an eye. Thus, self-made crypto trading bots can be created and backtested in a matter of minutes.

  • Python Code Editor
    This solution is developed for coders and advanced traders. The code console allows you to program your bot to meet all your requirements and trading tactics. Feel free to bring your innovative trading concepts to life and boost profits with the unique trading bot. The console unites advanced statistics, all TA indicators, various trading libraries and other data sources for you.

Trality’s Investors 

The company is constantly growing. Although it is a young startup, it has already attracted reputable investors from Austria and Germany on the board. Overall, it raised over 1.5 million euro to realize its goals. Most crypto experts believe that Trality is likely to change the landscape and democratize the sphere of automated crypto trading in the near future.

Trality’s Pricing 

This year Trality announced it has completed the beta phase and released the platform for mass use on a subscription basis. Trality’s pricing model is likely to suit the needs of different traders, since it implies quite flexible subscription plans. The pricing starts with a free evergreen plan, which has all features unlocked though with limited capacity – one live trading bot with 5000 EUR of monthly volume – a perfect choice for newbie traders. This can be gradually upgraded to the most advanced plan – 10 live trading bots with unlimited monthly trading volume – only for 50 EUR per month.

Trality’s Plans

At the moment, the Trality platform can be connected to major crypto exchanges like Binance, Coinbase Pro, Kraken and Bitpanda. Though the company plans to expand the number of crypto exchange platforms in the near future.

In the long run, the company aims to launch a marketplace for trading bots. The traders will have an opportunity to rent crypto trading bots for a reasonable fee, where the revenues will be paid to bot developers.