VALLETTA, Malta, — Tandem, a global platform in peer-to-peer digital assets trading, is set to become one of the leading token event projects in the crypto space by announcing the launch of its native token TDM. It is the only P2P platform to ever conduct a Token Generation Event and generate a Native Token of their own – TDM.

TDM is essentially an ERC-20 token with a total supply of 10 billion tokens. When trading on the Tandem P2P mobile app one can use these tokens to discount the fees for each transaction. Therefore, for regular traders on Tandem securing more TDMs will help them use the same to pay their fees.

Tandem was also one of the first P2P platforms to launch a mobile application, which they recently did in over 50 countries with 25+ fiat options. The mobile application seeks to be the world’s smartest P2P mobile application for crypto trading with an aim to digitize and mobilize assets. Tandem addresses the need to increase adoption and global reach of crypto, starting off with BTC, to launch a premium mobile application to suit the needs of beginners and active traders investing in the digital asset class.

One can earn TDM by participating in activities such as:

  1. 1000 TDM: Downloading the Tandem P2P mobile application
  2. 250 TDM: Referring the app to other crypto traders
  3. 5 TDM for every $1 of trade

According to a whitepaper launched by Tandem, there are essentially two major concerns within the crypto industry- cumbersome user experience on exchanges and P2P platforms, and limited fiat gateways with over 90% of the global fiat moving in and out of crypto across USD, JPY, KRW. Some of the other hurdles include banking issues for local exchanges, no decent local interfaces and lack of awareness.

Tandem changes this dynamic by creating a simple interface that can be operated by anyone with a smartphone, with little to no tech savviness. Thereby breaking the barriers of trading and offering users almost 25+ global currencies to trade in BTC.

CEO of Tandem, Prashanth Swaminathan is delighted to announce, “We at Tandem, are excited to announce Tandem’s native token- TDM and are confident that this will help make crypto trading easier. It is our endeavour to build a solution that brings together global communities and re-defines the way the world interacts with bitcoin. The mobile platform and the native token takes us a step further in making the processes simpler for everyone.”

Tandem’s Advisors Brock Pierce, Michael Terpin, Christopher Yoshida and Jaron Lukasiewics have been closely guiding the product with the CXO’s at Tandem. Conclusively following best practices and conscious efforts which include mass adoption through seamless, accessible trading making them expand into the ecosystem prior to having TDM listed.

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Download the beta mobile app from the links below to see for yourself!

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About Tandem

Tandem is a global P2P platform that is on a mission to reshape finance by preparing digital assets to be transferred at the speed of the internet. Tandem is building a future towards “Smart Money” where the very essence of money will be digitized and can freely move across borders instantly, 24/7.

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