SatSimple the UK provider of next generation integrated Bitcoin services has announced the acquisition of PolyX, an EU regulated crypto exchange and secure wallet provider.

PolyX’s technology platform, their unique risk based approach and regulatory status fits perfectly into SatSimple’s strategic build plan for delivering innovative and secure Bitcoin services to customers in the crypto asset space.

It is one of a number of acquisitions planned in the lead into SatSimple’s launch later in 2020. The mission of SatSimple is to provide the next generation of integrated Bitcoin services that are, less complex, more secure, and highly transparent” commented John Clifford, SatSimple’s Head of Communications. Stanislav Chernukhin, CEO of PolyX added “ this acquisition recognises PolyX’s success in developing a compelling and innovative technical platform. We are excited to be part of SatSimple’s vision and to join their seasoned and highly experienced team”.

About PolyX: Launched in Nov 2018, Polyx is a centralized exchange based in Estonia. The Polyx platform includes a secure wallet for storage and an exchange for trading Cryptocurrencies.

PolyX is regulated in the EU for the provision of Crypto/FIAT exchange services and for providing a virtual currency wallet service. PolyX’s unique risk-based approach makes it the easiest and safest way to buy Bitcoins in Europe.

About SatSimple: SatSimple Limited is a UK registered company providing innovative and secure integrated customer solutions for actively managing Cryptocurrency assets.

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