Bandung, Indonesia: PT. Virtual Koin Indonesia has launched its platform called “MarketKoin” from Bandung, Indonesia. This is the culmination of a young group of entrepreneurs that have been building an online platform since October 2017. Indonesian users are now able to use the most advanced technology to trade and make transactions immediately in a secure and stable digital environment. 

 “To meet the rising demand for digital assets, we need to provide the Indonesian people with the most up-to-date and easiest solutions,” said Nikolaj Vestorp and Gun Gun Febrianza, founders of MarketKoin.  “We provide the most seamless user experience, by adopting and including the newest knowledge and design practices into MarketKoin.”

Maybe a better alternative than credit cards and cash?

For a long time, the founders have been researching how the landscape of the future money industry will evolve.  They discovered the answer to be Online virtual currencies, Digital assets and open banking platforms. 

As the number of mobile internet users is increasing with each passing years, the young founders noticed that there will be more decentralized alternatives to the banking industry and the money we know of today. Fees will be lowered and transactions much faster. People will simply exchange currencies and assets using their PC or mobile phone and be able to store their savings with their own private storage device or safely in the cloud at MarketKoin. 

You are able to trade now ! is now open to support your trading needs. To accelerate your progress, we have constructed a learning center, which includes an FAQ system, blog posts, vlogs and a 24/7 online customer support. 

Supports: BTC, LTC, L-BTC, IDR

About MarketKoin

MarketKoin is a secure, stable, fast and scalable platform for trading digital assets based on blockchain technology. On MarketKoin, you can trade digital assets such as cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, L-BTC), Rupiah (IDR).  Trust and performance is key, so all our team members are committed to building a long-term sustainable trading platform. By using the newest technology stack, high availability and fault tolerance architecture, MarketKoin can offer instantaneous trade executions. There will be an online customer support 24/7 and we will provide the following trading clients: Web-based, Android and PC.


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Phone: 081313190101

MarketKoin is an Indonesian Registered company (PT. Virtual Koin Indonesia) and is registered as a Telecommunications Digital & IT Payment Service provider in accordance with Indonesian Money Laundering Regulations.