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LOS ANGELES, — Peruvian presidential candidate Andres Hurtado is joining in the promotion of Fight to Fame. As Chairman of the Peruvian Committee of Fight to Fame BMS, he calls on Peru’s No.1 mysterious heavyweight champion to compete in an unprecedented fight on the day of the Fight to Fame BMS action star reality show FF Token went public.

On February 15, 2020, Peru’s presidential candidate and influential TV host, Fight to Fame BMS Peru Committee Chairman, Andres Hurtado, promoted and hosted the most influential TV show in Peru. Also invited were Tim, Chairman of the Operation Committee of Fight to Fame BMS, Aaron, Chairman of the European Committee of Fight to Fame BMS, May, Fight to Fame BMS action star reality show FF Token Global Image Ambassador. Fight to Fame BMS’s original profit model and application scenarios, and Fight to Fame BMS action star reality show FF Token limited sale were released in Peru. It was promoted to 45 million TV viewers in Peru.

It is worth mentioning that after presidential candidate Andres became the chairman of the Fight to Fame BMS Peru Committee, he invited the Peruvian No.1 Boxing Champion and the Fight to Fame team to enter the studio to share Fight to Fame BMS’s launch in Peru. After the No.1 boxing champion heard it, he excitedly said on the TV show: “I Fight to Fame, I love FF Token!”

Andres and the No.1 boxing champion called on all sports players in Peru country to register. Fighters who appear in the Fight to Fame BMS event have an opportunity to act in Hollywood action movies. At the same time, FF Token fully adopted a decentralized voting mechanism at the event to realize token for tickets purchase, redemption of derivatives. They have received enthusiastic viewing and enthusiastic response from Peruvian TV viewers, sports fans and movie fans.

Andres Hurtado has been engaged in television media work in Peru for 31 years. During the show, Andres received the attention of 17.5 million people around one third of the population in Peru with his unique humor and wisdom. His show is watched by 6.8 million viewers throughout Latin America. Andres is undoubtedly the most successful, best-known and most influential host in Latin America.

Andres is also a presidential candidate in Peru. He often said: “I am a poor man. I succeeded through the knowledge I worked hard. The purpose of running for president is to give the poor like me the opportunity to change their fate.”

“Now as the Chairman of the Peruvian Committee of Fight to Fame BMS, I want to use the FF Token in my hand to help these poor people, so that each of them will have the opportunity to learn about Fight to Fame BMS and know the Fight to Fame action star reality show.”

“I have been in the media for a long time, interviewed many of the world’s most famous wealthy merchants, cryptocurrency bosses, and made good friends with them. I think that among more than 5,000 cryptocurrencies around the world, If FF Token is compared with any one, don’t say one, even one hundred, five hundred in total compared with FF Token in terms of application scenario, profit model, value of FF Token, it is not difficult to find out who is the fighting hero. So I like Fight to Fame BMS very much, I love FF Token very much. I must bring the FF Token to my country, Peru, so that my friends and my audience, as well as my people, have the opportunity to hold FF Tokens.”

Andres continued: “In the global cryptocurrency industry, how can the Fight to Fame BMS action star reality show FF Token become such a hot purchase in many countries without going public? The main reason is cryptocurrency projects in other regions of the world are not popular in Latin America. And FF Token completely broke this bottleneck. FF Token recruits global participants through the Fight to Fame BMS action star reality show regardless of race, language, and national boundaries, and uses blockchain technology smart contracts to create a decentralized voting mechanism to completely solve the relationship of people and events, the relationship between people and movies, completely solving the limitations of regional global circulation of cryptocurrencies and the construction of community swimming pools.”

Andres said: “Now I will bring the best business model in the world to Peru, and invite the most unexpected mysterious boxers to compete on the day of the Fight to Fame BMS action star reality show FF Token. In this century showdown, the exclusive use of FF Tokens for ticket purchases, brand derivative exchanges is to celebrate the official listing and successful launch of FF Tokens. This will surely detonate the whole of Latin America, and compete in the participation millions of boxing fans. At the same time, I will personally appoint the winning boxer as Fight to Fame BMS Peru Committee Champion Ambassador, and I will also personally award him the Fight to Fame gold belt, starring in a Hollywood action blockbuster.”

Fight to Fame BMS Chairman of European Committee Aaron said excitedly: “I am very excited, our Fight to Fame BMS action star reality show project has received warm response from local partners like Andres in nearly ten countries and regions, FF Token pre-sale has already signed out over 70% of the total. It is conceivable that once the FF Token is listed, it will run healthy and further receive the support of many boxing fans and movie fans worldwide.”

Fight to Fame BMS FF token global image ambassador May said excitedly: “I love Latin America very much, and this time I was on Peru ‘s most successful TV show to promote the unique business model of Fight to Fame BMS to the people of Peru.”

Fight to Fame BMS CEO of Peru Committee Qingshan said with excitement: “As the CEO of Fight to Fame BMS Peru Committee, Fight to Fame BMS action star reality show has signed contracts to explore nearly 10 countries and regions, and announced the first phase of cooperation in Countries and regions support cryptocurrency are full. We are confident that in Peru, FF Token will become the most successful model of Fight to Fame BMS in the world in all aspects of promotion and application, consumption of events, circulation and settlement, as well as the application of gambling and entertainment platforms!”

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