BitCoin wallet provider, HandCash, has now packaged, in just one toolkit, the basic components every BitCoin app needs, and reduced each to simple code snippets in plain English. All a developer now needs to do is call the APIs and the Cloud will do all the heavy lifting for you…so you can start building. All this is made possible because Handcash uses the BitCoin SV (BSV) blockchain, the only chain that significantly scales (now), is regulation-friendly and has robust utility.

The BSV blockchain’s greater scaling, data and micropayment capabilities allow enterprises to build great BitCoin applications.  Handcash want you to focus on your business and customers instead of worrying about the BitCoin component your business sits on top of.  Handcash will take care of all that for a fraction of the cost, leaving you to create great apps and services, as well getting visibility on our umbrella app.

You might be wondering: “Ok, cool, I get it, it’s much easier and flexible than what’s already out there, but what can I build with it?”:

As HandCash Connect is a backend solution, instead of a frontend like the buttons, you can build your apps and games on any platform you want. Be it mobile, tablet, desktop, web… or even for a smart fridge.

Essentially, this tool allows developers to take advantage of all the powerful properties of BitCoin without any complex BitCoin jargon to learn or infrastructure to maintain.

Also introducing the HandCash App Store:

With the intention of bringing you more utility and fun through HandCash, we are also adding the HandCash App Store, one place where you can see all the apps you can connect to make money, get better content and have fun.

Many companies have already agreed to either integrate Connect or build apps entirely based on it.

You can already enter the website and request access to join the pre-launch integration program. Just click here to start building the next big app and get free exposure to our thousands of loyal users.

To learn more HandCash’s plans, come to the CoinGeek London conference, February 20-21, 2020 in London, United Kingdom. Also visit to learn more about BSV.