HedgeTrade Makes it Easy for Users to Find Top Traders on the Platform and Recognizes Gold, Silver, and Bronze Trading Experts.

SINGAPORE, – HedgeTrade, the world leader in crypto social trading, is pleased to announce the launch of their platform’s Leaderboard. HedgeTrade’s new Leaderboard provides a way to recognize expert traders for their accuracy, activity, and trading knowledge — and a means for users to quickly find the best traders and predictions, with easy sort functions.

Since the HedgeTrade Beta launch in December 2019, over 1,000 traders have joined the tokenized social trading platform. HedgeTrade has listened closely to user feedback and a Leaderboard was one of the most requested new platform features.

“The HedgeTrade invite-only Beta is an enormous success with many new users taking the time to request an invite code and start testing the platform. We are happy to take their feedback and improve the experience for all users with our new Leaderboard,” David Waslen, CEO & Founder of HedgeTrade said. “As an accountability-based social trading platform, information is king and our users come to the platform to cut through the hype and get real insights into complex and often volatile crypto markets. Users have made their needs clear — the expert traders on our site need more recognition and the newcomers to crypto trading need an easy way to find the expertise they can trust.”

Traders who want to earn a spot on the Leaderboard and enjoy maximum exposure on the platform must meet the following criteria:

  • Create and close at least 5 published Blueprints, each with 2% or greater profit potential.
  • Stake a minimum of 10 HEDG tokens on each prediction.
  • End each Blueprint as “Closed Success” or “Closed Failure” (not Closed Neutral).
  • Have earned a positive HEDG balance through the sales of Blueprints.

Through the Leaderboard, the best traders gain exposure so more value is added to their credibility on HedgeTrade. The top three traders are each given a Gold, Silver, and Bronze winner’s icon, setting them apart as the best of the best on the platform.

The HedgeTrade Leaderboard can be shown as a list-view as well as by the default tile-view. Additionally, users can sort the visual, interactive list of top traders according to:

  • Success rate – Based on “Closed Success” vs. “Closed Failure” status of Blueprints.
  • Average Profit Potential – Calculated by averaging all eligible Blueprint profit potentials.
  • Blueprints Created – Based on how prolific the expert trader is in posting Blueprints.
  • HEDG Earned – The number of HEDG tokens the trader earned from selling their Blueprints, subtracting commissions and lost stakes on failed blueprints.
  • Length of time – Users can find top traders by the last 30 or 90 days, the Last Year, or All-Time.

HedgeTrade’s Leaderboard is more usable and easily sorted than other copy-trading Leaderboards. For example, one popular social trading Leaderboard shows only realized profits, number of trades, and wallet addresses in a tech-heavy interface. Another allows users to search only by most copied traders and top-performing year-over-year portfolio. HedgeTrade is the only platform that allows users to search by success rate, number of predictions, or even best within a specific time range.

The HedgeTrade Leaderboard ensures a more interactive and informative experience, making it easier for pro-traders to be recognized and investing newbies to find the insights they need. Unlike all other copy-trading platforms, if a trader’s Blueprint underperforms, the users who paid to unlock their predictions get their money back.

On HedgeTrade, both amateur and pro traders are brought together in a profit-driven and accountability-based social trading ecosystem. Newcomers to crypto trading can feel confident about copying trades that are blockchain verified since each unique prediction Blueprint is powered by a smart contract.

The HedgeTrade ecosystem is fueled by HEDG, an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum Blockchain. HEDG tokens are currently ranked #23 on CoinMarketCap.

To join the HedgeTrade Beta, follow @HedgeTradeHQ on Twitter and send them a direct message requesting an Invite Code. Then go to https://app.hedgetrade.com/signup and complete the short set up process.

About HedgeTrade Pte. Ltd.
HedgeTrade is a social trading platform that rewards those who post accurate predictions. The model creates a win-win scenario for both the amateur and expert by rewarding traders who submit accurate predictions and users who utilize the information to execute their own successful trades.

HedgeTrade is brought to you by Rublix Development, a software development company that is building blockchain-powered tools to fuel the next generation of fintech projects.

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