TAIPEI, — The SaaS company FiO’s latest disruptive application combats the proliferation of “fake news” on the web. FiO’s TruSign is a browser extension that helps authors verify the authenticity of their content as it is disseminated online. TruSign uses blockchain and AI and currently being trialed on inaccurate coronavirus reports that are circulating on social media.

Developed with FiO’s versatile blockchain tool that targets conventional businesses, TruSign enables authors to create an indelible signature to attach to their works approved publication source and third-party website URLs as they spread across the Internet. TruSign’s verification indicates that the article is from the claimed source and the original author has willingly endorsed the piece.

TruSign solves several problems for authors, readers, and media owners. Authors and content creators can now visually certify articles hosting their intellectual property, and be alerted to modification or misuse by third parties who appropriate it. Readers, in turn, can gauge the authenticity and factualness of content before they read or share it. In addition, it encourages and promotes the data correctness of content, and disincentivise the spread of false and misleading information.

TruSign, developed with GPG and FiO’s proprietary technology, works as a secure Google Chrome extension with an intuitive user interface. Users must install the browser plug-in prior to use.

To “sign” an URL, the signed-in author can directly click the TruSign icon to sign the article’s web address and append the signature to the article page. The author’s signature is created by TruSign’s private key and then published on the public blockchain. Users can verify an article’s signature with TruSign’s public key.

TruSign uses a common tiering system to certify the author’s verification level and manage user features. To display a bronze certificate icon, authors must complete basic registration with a verified phone number.

For a higher-level silver certification, authors must verify their real identities. Gold certification is reserved for authoritative media and well-known opinion leaders who are willing to endorse content with their names.

TruSign is tested on Facebook, to help combat the spread of misleading and conspiratorial news on the coronavirus. This follows FiO’s innovative blockchain-based volunteering system and the mask distribution map system in Taiwan last month. FiO TruSign is tentatively slated to integrate with other communication software and applications later this year. Visit or try FiO TruSign


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