BEIJING, — At the beginning of December 2019, DTex, a world-renowned cryptocurrency exchange, entered the Indonesian market. DTex has been preparing for nearly three months before entering the Indonesian market. The exchange has completed the Indonesian version and can meet local Indonesian requirements for the trading needs of digital currency investment enthusiasts.

The Indonesian government’s cryptocurrency policy has also attracted other exchanges. As a well-known cryptocurrency exchange in Singapore, DTex Exchange is a digital asset exchange designed to create digital, decentralized, open, transparent, safe and convenient location for users.

Compared with other exchanges, DTex has obvious advantages.

In terms of security, the exchange has established cooperation with the world’s top security companies, and will conduct a code audit of the entire site code before going online. It has set up a multi-level firewall to monitor system data abnormalities in real time. For user assets, a multi-signature and cold and hot isolated wallet solution is adopted to ensure the security of user assets to the greatest extent.

DTex exchange has established a transparent system of transaction records. The core of the blockchain ecological trading environment is transparent business specifications. DTex provides 24-hour efficient real-time matching transactions, providing high transparency and high-performance support for all trading accounts.

In terms of community governance, DTex has achieved a high degree of community autonomy, returns development rights, governance rights, and resolution rights to the community, thereby achieving a high degree of autonomy and implementing the core concept of blockchain decentralization through practical actions.

In terms of legal compliance, the exchange is also actively working and has achieved great success. It currently has digital asset trading licenses in Seychelles and Dominica, and will have more global digital asset trading qualifications in the future.

DTex leads the future with technology, builds with security, ecology and consensus. It bases itself on the industry with open and transparent transactions, and serves the world with a distributed globalization model. It will become a new model for cryptocurrency exchanges in the future.


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