REDWOOD CITY, California, — The BANKEX team has launched TEX – Telegram Token Exchange technology platform. It’s a token exchange engine that’s natively built into Telegram messenger. The Exchange displays and matches all trading orders for trades made with MainWallet ecosystem.

The operating principle of TEX exchange is very simple and can be used with any modern messenger. You add a special bot @mainwalletbot to your current or new group chat as admin and then create a trade using the format command, for example: /trade 942 TRX for 0,1 ETH. 

This command creates an offer in a group chat and another member of the group can answer it. And here TEX starts to work – the trade offer is duplicated to the general channel of TEX exchange @mainwallettex which is available to all users of telegrams and can match interesting deals. This system provides trading liquidity for tokens, with focus on loyalty points use case.

If you want to make only private exchanges, you can release a special PayBot and make transactions within your community. This technology opens loyalty market for any brand, merchant or community.

Telegram Token Exchange takes commission from trades, the standard commission is now 0.25% for the maker and 0.25% for the taker. The most interesting thing is that the revenue is shared between the owner of PayBot and the administrator of the group in which the deal was created. This creates an opportunity for all ecosystem participants to make money, not just for the exchange as it is now in other markets.

The token exchange with a native interface in the messenger has no analogues in the world now, it’s a really advanced and innovative financial technology, try MainWallet and see how it works.

For more details on Telegram Token Exchange, please join our Telegram group at: or e-mail us at [email protected]. To start using MainWallet go to To join the MainWallet alpha testers community please follow to

About Bankex Group

Bankex Group is a fintech company providing digital assets processing, as well as blockchain-based continuous securitization in real estate, money lending and media markets. Our mission is to connect regular people and small/medium business owners to capital markets.

Bankex Group is developing “neobank” called Bankex MainWallet – a messenger-first financial application for social commerce that is packaged as Telegram wallet-bot with connected App Store. Bankex MainWallet enables personal and merchant transactions within messengers (Telegram and others).

Company was founded in 2017 by Igor Khmel, former head of innovation at a top10 European bank, and also ex-McKinsey, ex-Citadel hedge fund, Stanford GSB alumni.

Bankex is the member of Startup Fintech Accelerator in Redwood City, California. Silicon Fintech Bay’s partners include Franklin Templeton Investments, Japanese tech company Fujitsu, investment management company Principal and Flagstar Bank.

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CONTACT: Igor Khmel, +1-669-221-9988 [email protected]