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Bitcoin Association opens registration for third BSV Hackathon

Today, Bitcoin Association officially announces and opens registration for its third BSV Hackathon competition for developers, with $100,000 in cash prizes (payable in Bitcoin SV) staked for the winners. Following two successful Hackathons in 2019, Bitcoin Association is once again delighted to partner with leading enterprise blockchain development firm nChain, as well as digital currency […]

Kronoverse leaves Ethereum-based Enjin system to use Bitcoin SV to tokenize esports in-game items

eSports games creator, Kronoverse, and its competitive strategy game CryptoFights, have moved to the Bitcoin SV blockchain to tokenize users’ in–game items because of the lack of scalability of the Ethereum blockchain. Previously, Kronoverse had used Ethereum-based Enjin, a token system commonly used for digital assets in esports and online games.  Explaining its move to […]

Crypto Gaming Pioneer Cloudbet Sees Exciting Potential in New Esports Offering

Cloudbet, the pioneering bitcoin sportsbook and casino, has launched an esports vertical that has been received enthusiastically by customers betting on top-flight titles from CS:GO to FIFA 20.  Players can now experience the thrill of betting in-play with cryptocurrency on live-streamed esports events every day on Cloudbet’s new website. Esports is one of a host […]

The infamous Ayr United kit launch photoshoot goes ahead despite lockdown

Calvin Ayre extends sponsorship into its 10th year The (somehow) ever-controversial Ayr United kit launch is here! The photoshoot took place at the CoinGeek Institute (CGI) and as with previous years features a male and female model. This year’s models are 32-year-old Michaela Moffat and 30-year-old Ronaldi Maradina who, for the first time, were both […]

HandCash & Anypay implement peer-to-peer checkouts for both retail & online payments

HandCash recently announced that in conjunction with Money Button, it was undertaking a series of initiatives to make Bitcoin (BSV) function in a truly peer-to-peer fashion just as intended by Satoshi Nakamoto. Today, HandCash announces that together with Anypay they have successfully implemented the famous BIP270 protocol: a peer-to-peer (or customer-to-merchant in this case) payments communication standard. […]

Bitcoin Association publishes first Annual Report highlighting rapid growth of Bitcoin SV ecosystem

Today, Bitcoin Association – the global industry organization that works to advance Bitcoin SV – publishes its first annual report, covering its operations from February 2019-20. The report highlights the rapid growth and development of the Bitcoin SV ecosystem, as well as the work the Association has undertaken in its first year of operations to […]

Bitcoin micropayment app Money Button goes invisible

One of the leaders in very low fee, ultra-fast microtransactions has taken another step in its evolution to become the easiest processor on the planet. With the release of Invisible Money Button, businesses using the platform can now fully embed the payments into their website or app. Although the swipe action of Money Button is […]