LOS ANGELES, — BitLaunch, the anonymous VPS and Bitcoin VPS provider, announced today the launch of 3 new datacenter locations in Los Angeles, US, Amsterdam, NL, and London, UK. BitLaunch has been growing rapidly — with thousands of registered customers globally — by offering straight-forward on-demand cloud computing in exchange for cryptocurrency.

By accepting cryptocurrency as payment, allows people worldwide to utilize cloud computing, funded via cryptocurrency, eliminating barriers associated with traditional fiat payment systems. As well as the benefit of enhanced privacy, this facilitates access to best-in-class cloud computing resources to a large number of large developing ecosystems where traditional payment systems do not work.

The new datacenter locations feature fast KVM, SSD-enabled Windows and Linux cloud servers that are billed on-demand on an hourly basis.

“These new datacenter locations represent our ongoing commitment to providing our customers with the value, support, quality, privacy and availability we that sets our service apart — no matter where they are in the world,” said Ari Jalava, COO.

Alongside these new datacenter locations, BitLaunch is releasing a number of “one-click” privacy focused applications such as WireGuard: A fast, modern, secure VPN tunnel, OpenVPN, Shadowsocks and ShadowsocksR applications for fast, easy and secure self-hosted set up.

About BitLaunch

BitLaunch actively works to support a freer, more open Internet by accepting over 50+ different cryptocurrencies as payment including Bitcoin (with new currencies being added regularly).

Choosing a company like BitLaunch grants you the freedom that comes with decentralized technology. You’re no longer at the mercy of a bank or other single entity when it comes to making timely payments. You enjoy elevated levels of anonymity, privacy, and security as a result. Users also get the peace of mind that comes with knowing they’re supporting the development of an Internet that isn’t subject to the interference of any bank, government, or single authority. Interested parties can join the movement and acquire their own services through BitLaunch today.

To learn more visit and to learn more on the benefits of anonymous VPS hosting visit For media inquiries please contact Ari Jalava at (888) 455-6558

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