Permission and RockTree LEX sign Greater China partnership

SAN DIEGO, — announced today that it has signed an advisory agreement with RockTree LEX to provide strategic support as part of the company’s aggressive growth plans into Asia as they lead a new category of digital advertising called “Opt-in Value Exchange.”

RockTree LEX will assist with their cross-border blockchain legal compliance and go-to-market strategy as the company enters the Greater China region, where the e-commerce markets are larger than both the US and UK markets combined1, and where e-commerce shoppers are readily primed through developed reward programs for a switch to an opt-in value exchange model.

RockTree LEX is a blockchain-focused professional services platform specializing in providing international legal compliance, transaction execution, overseas investment, token exchange listing and global expansion for top-tier blockchain projects.

“We identify blockchain projects with real utility potential combined with massive markets waiting to be unlocked, then help them localize and rapidly scale into Asia,” said Omer Ozden, CEO of RockTree LEX, adding “ is going even further and defining a whole new category of advertising that we predict will significantly challenge the old industry model while taking ad revenue away from well-known behemoths such as Google, Facebook, and Baidu and distributing that value back to the consumer.”, as the name suggests, flips the existing legacy advertising model by starting with the person’s permission first, then engaging them on their terms and rewarding the consumer for their time and purchases that come as a result of opt-in advertising. Permission’s blockchain and cryptocurrency ‘ASK token’ enable you to own, control and profit from your own data, a simple idea that is technologically complex for the advertising and e-commerce industries, which is now being solved for by

Charlie Silver, CEO and Founder of commented, “Permission is excited to bring the world an advertising platform that enables individuals to earn from their time and data, and that builds trusted relationships between brands and consumers.  Advertisers, ad agencies and individuals will all benefit from a model where value is distributed more equally along the buying journey and away from big tech’s centralization and exploitation of consumer data.”

The ad industry’s foremost research and standards organization, IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) refers to this new model, which sits at the heart of the benefits that blockchain can provide, as “a win for consumers and brands alike.” has spent the last number of years building the backbone infrastructure to allow advertisers to connect with e-commerce shoppers and reward them for their time and purchases on the Permission platform; and is a deep technology company with extensive intellectual property, including nine database-optimization patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. 

The company has raised $48 million in capital to date, predominantly from high-net-worth individuals and from blockchain investors, including Richard Li, General Partner at Alphablock. The Permission platform has been in beta for over six months and already has nearly 300,000 registered ASK wallets. 

Omer Ozden Bio: Mr. Omer Ozden is CEO and Founder of RockTree LEX, a legal and finance professional service platform focused on the blockchain industry. Mr. Ozden is also co-founder and International Expansion Partner of UCommune, China’s largest co-working company with over 200 locations globally, Partner of DGroup, and its investment arm, DFund, one of the most active Blockchain cryptofunds in Asia, currently invested in over 70 blockchain projects, as well as International Partner of ZhenFund, China’s top Angel investment fund. Mr. Ozden is an international securities lawyer and former Partner with Baker & McKenzie LLP in New York and associate with Morrison & Foerster LLP in Hong Kong. His career spans over 450 transactions totaling over $30 Billion and includes venture capital investments, initial public offerings and other transactions for such companies as NetEase, Alibaba, Baidu, New Oriental and Facebook. Mr. Ozden was on the legal team that invented the Variable Interest Entity (VIE) structure, which opened up China’s internet industry to foreign investment and overseas public listings.

About RockTree LEX: RockTree LEX Limited (“LEX”) is a global blockchain professional services platform. LEX provides cutting-edge legal compliance, overseas investment, and listing execution on a global scale. The LEX team in Beijing, New York and Toronto includes a full team of multijurisdictional lawyers and finance experts speaking Chinese and English who provide a truly international solution in a rapidly evolving blockchain industry and a regulatory framework that is cross-border at its core. The LEX team has collectively executed over 120 public security offerings and initial coin offerings (ICOs) and hundreds of private securities offerings in 18 countries across a broad range of sectors. LEX’s investment partners are Huobi (one of the largest global cryptocurrency exchanges), ZhenFund (the leading early stage fund in China), and DGroup/DFund (one of the most active blockchain and cryptocurrency funds in Asia).  To learn more, please visit 

Charles Silver Bio: Mr. Silver has been building companies and creating liquidity events for shareholders for nearly 30 years.  In the dot com era, he founded RealAge, a pioneer in using data and email marketing to connect consumers with branded content.  The company was very successfully sold to the Hearst Corporation.  Prior to RealAge, Mr. Silver founded and built the Oil Dispatch franchise in Michigan. It grew to be the largest independent quick-oil-change operator in the state and was successfully sold to Jiffy Lube. In addition to founding Permission, Mr. Silver is co-founder of LoveStoriesTV, a leading wedding-video platform, and is also co-founder and serves on the board of Reality Shares (dba Blockforce Capital), an SEC registered investment adviser with five publicly traded ETFs, including the first blockchain ETF (BLCN). 

About is leading the web toward a new engagement model built on opt-in value exchange.  With the creation of the permission blockchain and cryptocurrency (ASK), Permission has developed a digital advertising protocol that enables individuals to own, grant permission, and monetize their time and data while engaging with the web as they normally do.  The company’s mission is to provide opportunities for members to earn from their data in multiple contexts and to connect brands and consumers on a permission basis.  To learn more, please visit:

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